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MiRus 3DR LLIF and Lateral Retractor

Offering a Complete Solution for Lateral Spine Surgery

The MiRus 3DR™ LLIF and Lateral Retractor

The MiRus™ Lateral Lumbar Interbody Fusion System consisting of the 3DR™ LLIF and the Lateral Retractor provides a complete solution for lateral spine surgery. Lateral lumbar interbody fusion is indicated for intervertebral body fusion in skeletally mature patients with degenerative disc disease of the lumbar spine at one or two contiguous levels from L1-L2 to L5-S1. 



System Features

IRIS Lateral Retractor

Lateral Retractor

  • 3-Blades with 4th Blade Option
  • Independent Arm Retraction
  • Constant Blade Depth Retraction
  • Radiolucent Retractor Frame
  • Modular Handles


LLIF X-ray
  • 3D Pseudo Randomized (3DR™) Stochastic Lattice
  • 600-1000μm Macro structure
  • Large Bone Graft Windows
  • Mimics Cancellous Bone
  • Superior Radiolucency
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