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LYRA Posterior Cervical

Interbody System

Lowest Profile with Smallest Footprint

LYRA Posterior Cervical

The LYRA™ Posterior Cervical Fusion System is a rigid cervicothoracic pedicle screw system comprised of polyaxial pedicle screws, rods and set screws that can be connected to form a stabilization construct. The pedicle screw and rod components are available in different sizes to accommodate various patient anatomical and physiological requirements.


System Features

  • 2.7- 2.9mm ® Rod
  • Lowest Profile
  • Minimized Retraction
  • Less Tissue Disruption
  • Footprints:
    • 15mm x 12mm
    • 16mm x 14mm
    • 18mm x 15mm
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