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Balloon Expandable Transcatheter Aortic Valve

SIEGEL TAVR (2) 10.2023



Molybdenum-Rhenium Alloy

Superior Material Properties

  • Higher Strength - 2-3X current Cobalt or Nickel Alloys
  • Longer Fatigue Life - 4X current Cobalt or Nickel alloys
  • Reduced Recoil - >50% Less Recoil than current Cobalt or Nickel Alloys
  • Better Biocompatibility
    • Nickel Free and Cobalt Free
    • Dramatic Reduction in Metal Ion Release

Lead to Superior Performance

Unprecedented Hemodynamic Performance

  • State of the Art Leaflet Design
  • Superior Leaflet Washout and Closure
  • Largest Intra-annular EOA
    • SIEGEL™ EOA 3.0 cm² for 26mm Valve *

Greater Radial Strength

  • >2X Strength of Current BEVs or SEVs
  • Superior Cylindricity
Cylindricity 3
SIEGEL Foreshortening3

Precise Positioning

  • No Foreshortening
  • Intrinsic Commissural Alignment
  • Minimal Recoil
  • Superior Catheter Flex
  • Superior Radiopacity
SIEGEL TAVR (2) 10.2023

Exceptional Biocompatibility

  • Nickel Free and Cobalt Free
  • Dry Porcine Tissue
  • Anti-calcification Technology
  • Minimal Residual Aldehydes
  • Pro-healing

Smallest Insertion Profile

  • SIEGEL™ 8Fr Access Sheath
TAVR Access Sheath 2

Superior Coronary Access

  • Open Cell Geometry
    • Larger Cells
    • Fewer Cells
      • SIEGEL™ TAVR: 18 cells
      • Current BEVs: 48 cells
      • Current SEVs: 135 cells
    • Short Frame Height
    • Facilitates Valve-in-Valve

**Not FDA approved for sale in the US

Data on file Comparative Testing:
* SIEGEL™ EOA 3.0 cm² 26mm valve, bench testing; Edwards EOA 2.4 cm² 26mm valve; Medtronic EOA 3.1 cm² 29mm supra-annular valve

+ Ihdayhid, A. R.,et al. (2023) Computed Tomography-Guided Computational Modeling to Guide Treatment in Aortic Stenosis With Extremely Large Aortic Annulus. Structural Heart7(3).

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