MoRe® Superalloy

With over 15 years of research and development, the MoRe® Rhenium-based Superalloy is dramatically superior to current medical alloys such as Titanium and Cobalt Chromium. MoRe® is far stronger, more fatigue resistant, more biofriendly and generates far lower levels of metal ions in tissue. 


MoRe® Rod Lifetime Limited Warranty

Because of our confidence in the science behind the MoRe® alloy technology, MiRus is providing a LIFETIME LIMITED WARRANTY on the MoRe® (Molybdenum-Rhenium) Rods implanted for the duration of the patient's life.  The MoRe® Promise LIFETIME LIMITED WARRANTY program will fully cover MoRe® Rod replacement and all associated EUROPA™ Pedicle Screw System implant components required to treat any patient undergoing a spinal fusion revision surgery due to MoRe® rod fracture.


The MoRe Promise

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