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RIGEL 3DR Anterior Cervical Corpectomy

Cervical Corpectomy System

Optimal Stiffness with Maximum Graft Window

2.5mm (1)

The RIGEL™ 3DR™ Anterior Cervical Corpectomy System is a vertebral body replacement device intended for use in the cervical spine in skeletally mature patients to replace a diseased or damaged vertebral body caused by tumor, fracture, or osteomyelitis, or for reconstruction following corpectomy performed to achieve decompression of the spinal cord and neural tissues in cervical degenerative disorders. These implants are intended to restore integrity of the spinal column even in the absence of fusion for a limited time period in patients with advanced stage tumors involving the cervical spine in whom life expectancy is of insufficient duration to permit achievement of fusion, with bone graft used at the surgeon's discretion.


System Features

2.5mm (1080 x 1350 px) (1)

4 Footprint Sizes

Web Dimensions (1080 x 300 px)
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