MoRe® News

MiRus® receives the 2023 Spine Tech Award for its Low-profile Molybdenum-Rhenium (MoRe®) Lumbar Plating Systems


MiRus® has developed the MoRe® ANTERIOR and LATERAL Lumbar Plating Systems, the thinnest lumbar plating system on the market that is 3-4 times as strong and fatigue resistant as the standard 6 to 8mm thick Titanium and Cobalt Chromium plating systems.  The MiRus MoRe® Anterior and Lateral Lumbar Plating Systems are comprised of 2.5mm plates manufactured from our novel proprietary metal alloy, Molybdenum-47.5Rhenium (MoRe®).

 In both anterior and lateral spinal fusions approaches, there is little room or empty space around the critical structures of the great vessels (ALIF) or nerves and psoas (LLIF) lending to significant benefit for a strong, fatigue resistant, 2.0mm plate versus an 8mm thick plate. The MoRe® alloy, with its advantageous mechanical, and biological properties, allows for the design of a new generation of thinner, stronger, more fatigue resistant, and bio-friendly lumbar plates, that result in less soft tissue disruption, quicker recovery and improved outcomes for patients undergoing lumbar spinal fusion surgery.