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The Future of Aortic Valve Replacement

A Revolutionary TAVR Built Upon Decades of Basic Research in Material Science

SIEGEL™ Transcatheter Aortic Valve



System Features


Superior Material Properties

  • Higher Strength - 2-3X current cobalt or nickel alloys
  • Longer Fatigue Life - 4X current cobalt or nickel alloys
  • Reduced Recoil - 80% less recoil than current cobalt or nickel alloys
  • Better Biocompatibility - dramatic reduction in metal ion release compared to cobalt or nickel alloys
TAVR Valve

Leads to Superior Performance

World's Lowest Insertion Profile

  • Much thinner, narrower MoRe® stent struts lead to a much smaller crimped valve
  • Increased safety
  • Femoral approach in patients currently requiring alternate access
  • Shorter procedure time

No Valve Foreshortening During Deployment

  • MoRe® alloy allows for a stent frame that eliminates foreshortening
  • More precise placement

Superior Biocompatibility

  • No nickel or cobalt
  • Patients do not need to worry about short or longterm local or systemic nickel and cobalt metal ion release

Better Hemodynamics

  • Larger EOA (effective orifice area)
    • Lack of recoil after balloon deflation allows maintenance of maximum EOA
  • No need to overinflate delivery balloon and risk damage to annulus and conduction system
  • Less PVL (paravalvular leak)
DS Comparison2

Frame undergoes significantly less recoil after delivery balloon deflation

Traditional Co-Cr Frame

**Not FDA approved for sale in the US

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