Surgical Planning

Planning Spine Surgery

Planning Spine Surgery from Anywhere

GALILEO™ Surgical Planning

Precontoured MoRe Rod


System Features

GALILEO SP Login Screen

Plan Your Patient's Upcoming Surgery

Web-Based Planning Software

  • Web-portal or Mobile App
  • Case Creation
  • AI Generated Plans
  • Patient-Specific Implants
    • Pre-Contoured Rods
  • Post-Op Analysis

Case Creation

  1. CT or Standing X-ray
  2. Input Case Details
  3. Choose Patient Specific Implant
GALILEO SP Dashboard 2
GALILEO SP Dashboard

AI Generated Plan

  1. Automated Measurements
    • Pelvic Incidence
    • Pelvic Tilt
    • Lumbar Lordosis
    • Sacral Slope
  2. Optimized Outputs
    • Rod Length
    • SVA
    • PI-LL Match
  3. Output simulation

Patient Specific Implants

  • Anatomically Matched
  • Plan Specific Interbody and Rod
Patient Specific Implants

Post-Op Analysis

  1. Record Patient Results
  2. Personalized Feedback into AI Platform
  3. Connect Surgical Outcomes to Remote Patient Monitoring Platform
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